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Student well-being is the foundation for student success.

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom. Positive environments at home and in the community fuel both education success and the well-being of students and those who support them. Imagine a world where the well-being of learners is a priority.

About Us

Our mission at the Imagine Learning Foundation is to foster the well-being of learners and the people who support them at home and in their communities.

Imagine Learning, our primary sponsor, ignites learning breakthroughs with innovative and accessible digital-first K-12 products and services. The Imagine Learning Foundation embraces and extends Imagine Learning‘s mission by focusing on the powerful connection between the well-being of students and the people who support them to bolster academic success.

Schools are better able to develop healthy and supportive learning environments when activities centered on the well-being of learners and those who support them, such as programs that are aimed at addressing mental health issues or that help teach students and adults the skills to manage emotions and develop healthy identities, are extended from classrooms into homes and communities. At the Imagine Learning Foundation, we aim to bridge connections between classroom learning and positive learning environments outside the classroom by promoting and expanding access to these programs and activities at home and in the community.

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